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Economic slowdown”, “Recession”, and “Depression

What is the difference between “Economic slowdown”, “Recession”, and “Depression”?

Answer: When your friend’s friend loses his job that is called “Slowdown”. When your friend loses his job that is called “Recession” and when you lose your job that is called “Depression” 🙂


Laughter Is The Best Medicine

I woke up the other morning with the worst diarrhea I ever had.
So decided to take a day off from the work.
By mid-morning, I was getting really bored so I thought of checking out some jokes online.
And this is the first joke I bumped into :
“Laughter Is The Best Medicine: Unless You Have Diarrhea”


Canadian Joke

An American guy was on a road trip, driving north from Chicago to Toronto. He decided to annoy the Canadian border agents so he put a huge placard on the rooftop of his car which read
“Canada Sucks !!”
Not surprisingly, he got stopped at the border crossing between Detroit and Windsor.
The Border agent to the guy: Sir, you can’t do that ( Pointing to the placard)
The American Guy: What’s wrong with that?
The Border Agent: Sir, don’t you know that Canada is a bi-lingual country? You have to write those same words in French too


Fair skin Vs. Dark skin

In the 1965 movie, Gumnam, the famous comedian of Hindi movie, Mahmood, put it humorously to prove why dark-skinned people are better off than those with fair skin.
In that movie, our comedian, a dark-skinned guy falls in love with Helen, an extremely fair lady. However, she would try to avoid him whenever he would approach her.
Concluding that her hatred for him has to do with his skin color, he tries to convince her with these words “Look, if a piece of my skin is planted to your skin, it will be known as til( Mole) and would enhance your beauty. On the other hand, if I borrow a piece of your skin and plant it on to my dark skin, it would appear like a disease (Leprosy). Now, you tell me who should brag about their skin?”
Funny logic huh🙂


A Strange Dogy

A friend of mine used to have a dog, a very strange doggy. She would not bark at anyone, nor would she run and play like a dog. My friend says the most likely reason for her strange behavior could be that she was under a false impression that she is a human rather than a dog 😊 She would act completely indifferent to any dog or to any other animal for that matter 😊Interesting huh !!

We often hear people saying “This man behaves like a dog”. Now, here is our opportunity to say “This dog behaves like a human” 😊


My Discounted Haircut

So I went to a barbershop the other day to get my hair cut. That was 7-8 years back when I used to have a lot denser hair than what I have now. The guy (The Barber) looked at my hair as if he had just seen the 9th wonder of the world. “Sir, you got very dense hairs so I should be charging you extra but you can just pay me the normal rate”, that was his welcoming sentence to me.

I was having a hard time controlling my laugh, had never heard before that you could get charged extra for having dense hairs. I wanted to say “Oh man, you are a great person!! Thank you very much for the discount” 🙂 Anyway, it took him barely 5 minutes to cut my hair (# 4 all over).

Fast forward 8 years later, now that I have lost almost 25 % of my hairs since then, I’m thinking of going back to that same barber and asking for 25% discount 🙂

How does that sound? Funny or Fair?


Facebook Facts

After observing and analyzing the activities of hundreds of people on Facebook over the years, I have come out with this theory

“The amount of time you spend on Facebook is directly proportional to your age”

Here’s the breakdown of the activities vs. age group

Teenagers: Rarely (They got better alternatives, such as Instagram, Snapchat , etc. )
Young Adults: Occasionally
Middle Aged People: A lot
Senior Citizens: Extremely active
Enjoy Facebooking responsibly 😉

Pushpa Raj Adhikari

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