Murphy’s Law

Have you ever wondered if the so-called Murphy’s law is a real phenomenon? Well, there is no scientific evidence to prove one way or the other, however, we all experience it more often than not.
For those of you who do not know what Murphy’s law is, it basically says that in any given situation if something can go wrong, will go wrong.
Consider this scenario: You were late for your work one morning so you ran to catch the bus. To your disappointment, you missed that bus by 30 seconds because that freaking bus arrived that day 30 seconds ahead of its schedule. Now, you wait for the next bus only to learn that the next bus is 15 minutes behind its scheduled time. Frustrated, you finally made it to your work 30 minutes late. You settled down and opened your outlook calendar, and this: The meeting which was originally scheduled for 10:00 am was rescheduled 30 minutes earlier after you left the work last night 🙂
Sounds familiar? This is just one (not so extreme) example of Murphy’s law.